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You won’t be able to see it…this it totally by feel. i noticed that the holes in the shaft are even a hair smaller than holes the gear. Mar 19, 2016 · On a SBC the cam lifts the gear to the distributor housing, where the factory washers/shims and glide plate (the funny washer with tabs) are well oiled so that there should not be any significant wear. Tachometer Notes: Street Pro-Billet. This section of "Final Assembly" of an engine covers installing your distributor. You won't Chevy SBC 350 BBC 454 HEI Distributor & Spark Plug Wires Ignition Combo Kit GM08 (Fits: Chevrolet) 4. Sep 10, 2008 · this is why im asking i think it is the whole shaft and not in pieces it fell out cuz the clip fell down some im not going to say that it couldnt go into the motor, but do you guys really think that the full shaft, submerged in oil all the way to the back of the pan would really be able to get into the motor when i can barely even get it with a long pointer magnet have any of you Jun 16, 2015 · The "shop" said they had it installed the MSD unit, car ran for 3-4 minutes and quit, never to start with that distributor again. After it bottoms out, raise the distributor 0. Set pointer to TDC. 4. I figured that the old gear must have had that . Please ask a TA Technician if you have any questions. ????? Are we 180 out? is the dampner installed wrong? timing gears out? will a SBC run 180 degress out of time? I have video of the engine running, and its not running terrible but its not running great!. Install the Donovan gear drive assembly, but leave the cam gear off for now. 005"- . Install the distributor gasket over the gear, and up to the distributor collar. ----->Technical Notes: Distributor P/N 93440806 or melonized distributor gear P/N 10456413 must be used on all crate engines with steel camshafts. If it is to be installed with a mechanical roller camshaft, a bronze or other such compatible gear for the 0. There may be an additional capacitor on the coil - terminal. Please note that the rotor will move in the . Roller cams do not incorporate a an oiling provision for the distributor drive gear. Rotate engine crankshaft until timing mark appears at the top dead center (TDC) for number one cylinder on the compression stroke. It spins the rotor, which delivers the juice that  Distributor gears work hand-in-hand with the camshaft gear. When you go to install the new distributor so that the rotor is pointed at your mark, it may want to drop in with the rotor off a tooth or a tooth and a half from lining up with the mark. EDIT: I just realized you said the push rods are out of it. The Distributor now installed, an HEI, has a steel drive gear. If the rotor is aligned with the oil pump driveshaft, the distributor will drop all the way down and seat. Spin the engine by hand several  For that reason, we recommend that you install a new distributor gear when installing a new camshaft. Lift off springs and weights from cam. You can now pull the distributor up until the cam gear Used this $38 GM Melonized gear in a 327 SBC on an ISKY billet roller cam; installed on distributor shaft and coated with cam break-in lube. , that only affect the efficiency of the spark, but the actual ignition advance supplied by the distributor. 96K subscribers. 040”) when pinion is in its relaxed position (Figure 2). Ran a few hundred street-rod miles and pulled for check; the dark coating or material of the gear was just shinny with no breakthru wear pattern to shinny metal; so far looks promising. Install the gasket and apply a liberal amount of the supplied lubricant to the distributor gear. This part is legal for sale and use on emissions controlled vehicles when used in accordance with the manufacturers application guide because it has a California air resources board [CARB] executive order [EO] number. wear pattern on the distributor gear and Assortment of chevy hei distributor wiring diagram. 468" ID and MSD Distributors, PN's 8582, 8579, 8479, 8352 and 8503. 030-inch slot in the distributor body’s lower sleeve. A small amount of gasket adhesive will help to hold the gasket in place. Im lucky as far as gm purchasing. Lastly, you need to make sure that your distributor drive gear on the cam, and the drive gear on your distributor are compatible. Summers Brothers gear drives for small-block and big-block Chevrolet V-8’s are the ultimate in precision cam timing. 8 out of 5 stars 47 $57. Cheat Sheet: Finding Correct Distributor Depth Page 1 of 2 1 Check the Play: Install the distributor in the engine without the gasket. A wiring diagram is a streamlined traditional photographic depiction of an electrical circuit. It took less than one hour and worked flawlessly. The Joe Hunt Distributor is a completely self contained unit. “Where Performance Comes Down to the Wire!” Vertex OAC / OXC Magneto Installation Instructions 1. it has caused me lots of confusion until i figured it out. The nose of the standard early model cam “12” is very different from the later model hydraulic roller “08”. courtesy of Skinned Knuckles • by the S. Replace your worn out, outdated points distributor with MSD's electronic, magnetic pickup unit. A misaligned gear can cause great confusion in setting up orientation of the distributor body and the position of spark plug wires. ) Step 5: Insert the new gear into the vice, again, with the pin-hole exposed. 6. This means as you remove the distributor the rotor turns. 0, 289 COMPLETE HEI DISTRIBUTOR, WITH BLACK CAP AND COIL - LONG SHAFT APPLICATIONS ONLY6502-5-BLACK *This distributor will work in most applications with an EFI Roller motor, AS LONG AS IT HAS BEEN CONVERTED TO CARBURETION. (On superstock models), just position the main cover in place and install the cover bolts, but do not tighten. Lubricate the Flame-Thrower distributor gear with engine oil. There is a dimple on the gear to make sure you are indicating the direction of the rotor (index). Install the rotor to the distributor. Install the crankshaft gear. With a drift punch drive out lower distributor gear split pin. Something you’ll really appreciate is the ease of setting the ignition advance curve. U. buy an adj. This keeps the distributor in time with the cam so the spark is created at the right time for combustion. You must use this gear with the new roller cams. Tuned and modified engines have different If the distributor goes in part way but won't completely seat, check the oil pump shaft and align as needed. - 22. 055″ and this would be a good time to change them. TSP’s Chevy Corvette tach drive HEI distributor has everything you need, all under one cap. Determine the correct rotation of your distributor, SB Mopars rotate clock wise, 383/400/440 all rotate counter clockwise. When I measure from what I believe is the step face that sits on the block to the very top face of the vintage mounted gear I come out with 2. Between the two, the distributor gear is the one expected to wear, fail, and require replacement. There are several kits available in the aftermarket that include all of the instructions and parts needed to install a small-block Chevy V8 engine into a Fiero. Depending on who writes the instructions, the method and the dimensions can be different, but in any case, the objective is to press . COMPLETE DISTRIBUTOR: WITH COIL, MACHINED ALUMINUM BODY, STEEL SHAFT, GEAR, MODULE, AND PICKUP!FITS ALL BIG BLOCK AND SMALL BLOCK CHEVY ENGINES THAT ARE CARBURETED, (WILL NOT FIT 350 366 OR 427 INDUSTRIAL LARGE TRUCK OR BUS ENGINES. A timing chain or an "easy to install" $150 gear drive can not provide this. Features The thing is that the gears on the distributor & camshaft are helical. Early stock SBC 2 hole oil filter adaptor is needed. Apr 21, 2010 · rotor from the camshaft gear, and turn the rotor a little bit. (on sbc and bbc) Line the oil pump shaft so the slot in the dist drive will line the #1 cap post to where the rotor is pointing (move the rotor) Stick distributor into hole don't bolt it down tight. 7. 2. Save on Accel Distributor, Performance Replacement HEI-Chev V8 265-454, With Coil 59107C at Advance Auto Parts. Myvintageiron7512. Install distributor with the rotor pointing in t he general direction of the number one cylinder. Now, it's good to mark where the rotor is pointing when removing the distributor, so it's easier to re-time the engine afterward - you should then be close to your original Nov 15, 2012 · Crane 8620 steel billet cams MUST use a high-silicon copper-alloy distributor gear to prevent rapid wear of the camshaft’s distributor drive gear. S I install K701 big block frame mounts and T82283 motor mounts on 69 396 Apr 22, 2013 · Corvette Distributor Electronic Ignition Conversion. Nov 10, 2016 · Install the new screw from the kit in the rotor hole (if it has one) DO NOT USE THE OLD SCREW. The first step in disassembling and rebuilding any distributor is the removal of the drive-gear roll pin from the distributor shaft (Image E). If this happens, stick a long flat-blade screwdriver down the distributor shaft hole and try to locate the drive gear. The wire from the distributor goes to the "-" termi-nal on the coil. 3L V-6 Distributor Installation Procedure The gear on the bottom of the shaft is driven by the engine. With the red wire connected to 12V, the ignition key in the run position, and the “Cam/Hall Effect” plug connected, rotate the base of the distributor counterclockwise until the cam LED illuminates, then May 22, 2020 · gear from damaging the block. View and Download MSD 8570 installation instructions manual online. 030-inch hole in the lifter/oil galley plug behind the distributor. You should also replace the gasket between the base of the distributor and the intake manifold. 408 cu in SBC Aqua. Turn the distributor shaft until the rotor is in the same position that the finished project will perfectly line up with the distributor shaft that you have. directly to the distributor shaft. It has a high-output module, high-spark 65,000-volt coil, solid brass terminals, and an easy, one-wire May 03, 2010 · The composite gear is designed to wear out over time. Where the distributor clamps down to the manifold, the distributor seems to have quite a bit of "slop" or play in it. Save Share. 001" polished off. Phantasea466 · Registered. The distributor gear has to meet the cam gear and connect with the oil pump drive shaft. The crate motor (454)was just 26. installation The starter pinion-to-ring-gear must be . summitracing. 495"mandrel uses No. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. We also recommend the use of a Bronze distributor gear. 97120 replacement belt 23660 Oil PumpDrive Kit, SBC and 90°Chevy V6, Drag Race with electric-drive water pump … install correctly will usually result in starter and/or ring gear damage. Standard 1980-1985 SBC oil pan can be used, 1986 and up can be used for 1 pc rear seal. Chevrolet’s 350 small block engine features two timing gears. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. This way you wear out the distributor gear and not the cam gear. Drop the distributor in and jiggle the rotor and housing slightly until it drops into the oil pump drive, be sure that it drops all the way down. 010" taller for additional machining requirements. Nov 15, 2012 · Crane 8620 steel billet cams MUST use a high-silicon copper-alloy distributor gear to prevent rapid wear of the camshaft’s distributor drive gear. Engage distributor shaft with slot in oil pump drive gear. These are usually referred to as bronze gears. 1 mark on camshaft position sensor. 0-12V hall effect camshaft position sensor; generates a 50% duty cycle (signal voltage high for 50% and signal low for 50%) shaft diameter measures 0. never did like that. 8 Sep 2015 PowerNation TV teamed up with Summit Racing to provide you this quick tech tip on distributor gears. I just want to install and drive,I dont want to have to be babysitting this thing. Install the new gasket onto the shaft and insert the distributor so that the rotor end is pointing in a direction to allow movement of the distributor to set proper timing. 0L 5. Removing the distributor, rotating the gear, and reinstalling can change the location of the number one terminal. If the distributor engages the gear but will not fully seat into the block, gears are not meshing. GM 4. Remove the distributor cap and check to see that the rotor is pointing toward the number one electrode. This current GM version (PN 93440806) features a melonized distributor gear to accommodate steel roller cams. 7 distributor, the engine must be at top dead center, or else the engine's timing will be off and it will not run. Lift the distributor up turn the rotor. With the aluminum distributor housing fully seated against the block, verify that the distributor gear can be lifted off the support in the block at least . Oct 10, 2019 · How to Install a Distributor. Nov 08, 2013 · Disassembling the Distributor. This distributor doesn’t care if you’re engine is equipped with a solid or hydraulic flat-tappet, or a billet roller camshaft, the gear is universal. )This is the last distributor you will ever have to buy Next we install the Timing chain and gear set. Install cap, check all high tension wire connections and connect spark plug wires if they were removed. Distributor Replacement How To Chevy Vortec 5. Connecting the timing gears is a single chain. If you do not want to have any vacuum advance, you can leave the vacuum line off of the vacuum canister. 12v Ignition 2. Each part is cleaned and inspected, including the housing, main shaft, drive gear, breaker plates, distributor weights and springs. When you remove the old distributor, the oil gear down inside the hole the distributor comes out of will rotate a small amount. 249" High output coil (50,000 volt spark through 7,500 rpm) 4340 chromoly steel bottom gear, for use with cast and steel billet cams Mechanical advance Adjustable vacuum advance to improve economy while cruising High teeth on the distributor gear. 010" - 0. Turn distributor until rotor is aligned with CYL. The distributor will now be all the way into the block, but the rotor will not be properly aligned. Their heat treated and case hardened gears eliminate timing chain stretch and harmonics. The Joe Hunt high energy distributor is designed for street, strip, show or track applications. Step 6: Place the smaller parts back on the shaft, in order, and insert the distributor shaft to the gear being sure to line up the holes. 1. 427 inch; bronze or melonized steel gear available separately A-Team Performance Complete Distributor R2R Ready 2 Run Compatible with Chevy GM Small Block/Big Block SBC/BBC 283 305 307 327 350 400 396 427 454 Two Wire Installation Red Cap 3. If the engine has already been broken in/run previously and is about to be fired immediately after the distributor install, coat the gear with motor oil. This will allow for great oil flow to the distributor gear, helping to prevent premature wear. Install the gasket and lower the new distributor into position. Jul 05, 2007 · take the bolt out of the base and hold down out. dISTRIbUTOR GEAR INSTALLATION: After STEP 7, install distributor assembly in the block you are using. The two timing marks will be aligned with each other, and your rotor button in the distributor will be pointed at the #1 plug wire hole in the distributor cap. 5. Dec 21, 2006 · The difficulty stems from the fact that the bottom of the distributor gear must precisely engage with the oil pump's drive to allow the distributor to sit flush with the intake manifold. The design incorporates a specially built high output coil, electronic pickup, and advance mechanism. Note: Be sure to check distributor to oil pump shaft clearance with distributor, intake manifold As you lower the distributor into the engine block the distributor drive gear will engage the drive gears on the camshaft and the distributor. The team has shared all the finest moments in the numerous accolades for its people, its products, and its approach. Any bolt location is o. Remember that the gear and the oil pump shaft will turn approx 1/8 of a turn as the gear on the distributor mates with the gear on the camshaft. opposite direction as when the removing the old distributor. i can get it in a little and then it stops. We chose the Cloyes double roller set with advance/retard crank gear which allows you to advance or retard the cam 4 degrees. Install the complete front cover assembly over hex on the cam hub. Supplied with iron gear. distributor and oil pump turn the same direction regardless of the crank rotation. Roller cams are hardened steel, and if mated to a soft iron distributor gear, it May 18, 2013 · The cam is # 12-600-4 Hydrualic Thumper with matching Comp lifters and new Comp timing chain and gear set. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 19 of 19 Posts. I have a chevy dealership near me that has a speed shop of sorts going. Rebuilding a Used Distributor If you choose to re-build a used distributor, here's a few suggestions/ideas: The drive gear is held on by a roll pin -- carefully drive out the pin with a drift punch to remove the gear. 020" groove into the side of the distributor body to spray oil directly onto the distributor/cam gear-- position the groove directly over the gears once you have the distributor set for See our other listings for a full variety of distributors. Repeat this until the distributor drops all the way down and the rotor engages with the oil pump. ” Explaining why selecting the proper distributor gear is ultimately an important choice, Knight said, “Once the gear on either a steel cam or a The remanufactured distributor that I have here is part number 2875366 which my old Motor manual says is for a 1968 225 with an automatic. Next, remove lower gear and shim. For example, the SE Chevy thrust is up and is taken by the base of 2. com!!!!! For!General!Motors!L4,!V6,!V8!Marine!Engines! 5. (Photo Courtesy Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center) How to Rebuild and Reinstall Car Distributors. Marking the position that the rotor ends up in after removal will greatly aid installation later  12 Sep 2010 C1 & C2 Corvettes - Does any one check the cam to distributor gear grease on the distributor gear, install back in the engine. k. installation of these parts could affect the vehicle How to install a gear on a Ford distributor. Nov 21, 2006 · It's a lot easier to pull the distributor and replace a worn gear than it is to replace the camshaft, so the distributor gear should always be made of a softer material than the cam gear. 062" smaller than a 350 so the shaft hole will not break through to the rear main bore. Apply a thin layer of oil to the housing O-ring. MSD Ignition has put a great deal of effort into researching and testing a variety of metallurgical compositions, heat treating and coatings to provide you with a durable, accurate and strong distributor gear. Our new D. If you are reading this article and doing it yourself, you do so at your own risk. To do this, coat the distributor gear with moly grease and install the distributor. staff. So the install guide that I looked at online has this statement on the first page. 3. Re-install distributor thrust washers, gear and secure with roll-pin. Pay no attention to rotor orientation at this time. And, product development is a continuous process at Performance Distributors. This particular example came off an uber-low mileage Chevy 307 (look at the dates on the wires—10-69!). Find the dimple on the gear. Take your time and you'll get it. Check this at several flywheel locations to be sure that the Distributor Rebuilding Info. MSD Pro-Billet Small Diameter Chevrolet V8 Distributor. Place/align the rotor (via square hole) on the shaft. Performance Distributors recommends drilling a . Problems with the distributor could include misfires, a lack of ignition, or incorrect timing. A precision machined reluctor is attached to the shaft which triggers the extra oiling orifices like are sometimes used at the front of the Chevy block to oil the cam gear-to-block interface drilled oil plugs like used on Pontiac engines to oil the cam/distributor gear mods to the Chevy distributor housing that bleeds oil from the lifter galleys crossover to oil the cam/distributor gears, etc. Lunati roller and iron distributor gear. ” Explaining why selecting the proper distributor gear is ultimately an important choice, Knight said, “Once the gear on either a steel cam or a May 24, 2019 · The distributor driven gear The distributor shaft The rotor holes; NOTE: The OBD II ignition system distributor driven gear and rotor may be installed in multiple positions. The timing gears are fairly durable, but the teeth on the gears can become worn. When the gear is misaligned, even an experienced mechanic  In this video, you'll learn how to correctly install a distributor in a small block Chevrolet 350 engine. SBC SPUR GEAR, HIGH VOLUME Install the oil pump, driveshaft, and distributor in the block. First off improper installation of the gear can damage the block, the distributor, and the oil pump shaft. You will also need an oil pump priming tool to rotate the gear on the oil pump so that the rotor can align properly. Bronze distributor gears absorb the increased wear caused by specialized camshafts and are easily replaced before costly damage to the camshaft gear occurs. Using the wrong materialcan lead to premature gear wear, possible camshaft wear and ultimatelyengine failure. NO. To install the gear in its correct position, the dimple should be aligned with the firing bar tip on the rotor. Install distributor hold-down bolt and clamp and tighten. The distributor is turned by a gear attached to a rod which is powered by the camshaft. Lift the distributor up a little and turn the rotor slightly to the right and try again. Subscribe · How to  Ford Distributor Gear Install. Discussion When I recently had a Dual Point, Mechanical Advance Distributor rebuilt by Mallory, I left it up to themThey installed a special (bronze/brass) Distributor Drive Gear, based on my info that the Distributor will be install in a Vortec Engine. Preface. Ford F100 Distributor Your Ford F-Series truck is built to take on challenges of all sizes, so make sure you're providing it with high-quality parts and accessories for maximum performance. GM HEI rebuild, install info; GM HEI distributor notes, etc. 00 # 5000-2000 Hp PowerGlide One of the Most Used in the Industry Combined with all Other and a 60 Day Satisfaction Return Policy from Manufacturer Speedmaster has become a leader in its field, built on a long term consistency of being a specialist in aftermarket automotive components. This distributor gear is used on all Chevrolet small and big-block engines, including steel roller camshaft engines. Next pull the distributor gear down Jun 26, 2016 · (SBC) i'm having a little trouble getting the distributor gear roll pin in right. Leave dist so you can turn it to time the engine with a little force. I. 8570 automobile accessories pdf manual download. Marking the position that the rotor ends up in after removal will greatly aid installation later on. Dec 24, 2013 · The distributor rotor IS pointing to #1 wire at TDC. The proper distributorgear for your camshaft differs by both the material and the kind oflifter for which your camshaft was designed. Remove the distributor from the gear. The housing is machined from a billet of 6061-T6 aluminum on a state-of-the-art CNC machine producing exact tolerances. In vehicular terminology, the distributor is an important part of a vehicle's ignition system. It is recommended to open the plug gaps up to . Vacuum Advance Lock-Out The vacuum canister included with the Powerfire Distributor provides approx-imantly 10 ° of advance. Jul 20, 2016 · The distributor comes with a two-wire harness that plugs directly into most MSD ignition boxes. We recommend setting your initial timing at 12 degrees BTDC while the engine is idling very slow (+ or – 600 RPM) and with the vacuum advance disconnected and the vacuum hose plugged. P/N TA Rol 150 shown Cam Stop Boss TA 1533A Distributor Drive Gear Oiler 3 The drive gear installed on this distributor is melonized and therefore compatible with flat tappet or hydraulic roller camshafts. I sent if off to MSD came back just fine. Install the supplied O-ring seal in the groove on the distributor land. You can also use HIGH PERFORMANCE FORD 302, 5. Reply. This is to eliminate radio interference. Next, crank the So make sure that your used distributor came from the same type of engine that you plan to install it in. More frequently, the A distributor’s performance is only as good as its drive gear. If the gasket leaks, oil gets all over the top of the intake manifold and the How to replace distributor drive gear C/K Car Forums . Connect camshaft position sensor electrical connector. Now, hold the distributor housing steady with one hand and, with the other, see if you can move the shaft up and down. Be sure to check the following items before attempting to use your Super Starter®. I've never chamfered a block for an MSD distributor and never cut an o-ring by not doing so. Bronze distributor gears must be checked frequently and replaced often Cam timing accuracy and consistency are the key to accessing 100% of the cam's available power. Mar 25, 2010 · Distributor Rebuild Guide. The most common big-block factory distributor is the HEI, a fully self-contained distributor and ignition coil system used from the mid- 1970s through the early-1990s. Bronze GearsOne of the first requirements when installing a steel roller camis the addition of a bronze distributor gear. when installing distributor with this set up,the rotor should be ready to fire on #6. These Crane steel installing the new distributor. 005". The exhaust stroke is considered the "wasted" spark, but it's burning the rest of the fuel that wasn't burned on the compression stroke. *Note: there will be smaller parts attached to the shaft – keep them, and remember their order! Step 4:. One way to extend distributor gear life on a small- or big-block Chevy is to mark the location of the distributor, remove it and cut a 0. This gear meshes with it's counterpart on the cam shaft, keeping the firing order in  (On GM HEI distributors, it will also be necessary to transfer the coil and coil cover Coat gear thoroughly with zinc or moly break-in lubricant prior to installation. 7L C/K Pickup Truck Van Camaro 305 350 HEI652R Red Cap 2-in-1 Kit 9. 88 10469459 - Distributor HEI Gear, small cap. The short block is an Auto Zone reman that is a 4 bolt pre 76 replacement that is relatively new that was in the truck when purchased. No I don't mean harder plugs, competition coils, lumenition etc. As the distributor gear moves past the cam gear, the rotor will rotate. Includes cap/race rotor; use with MSD 6/7/8/10 series ignition; iron gear. Technical Note: This gear is part of distributor assembly P/N 11040  Results 1 - 24 of 37 Order Distributor Drive Gear for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. It is recommended to consult your camshaft manufacturer prior to installation to confirm what distributor gear material they require. How to Install the Distributor 1. furnished. 0 L in it. Performance Chevy/gm SBC BBC Small Block/big Block 65k coil 7500RPM Hei Distributor 350 454 302 V8 Install was easy. AdvertisementClick Here to […] Everyday Performance LLC offers performance distributor recurving services, tailoring your timing advance curve to your setup. We installed The Ignitor on our 1973 L48 350 Corvette. Mar 23, 2016 · That issue is alleviated, as the DUI distributor uses a Carbon Ultra-Poly composite gear instead. This is how i do it unplug the distributor plugs those three small wires under the cap remove the left front #1 spark plug have some one tap the engine crank it over a little at a time with your finger over the spark plug hole. Put a dial indicator on the top of the #1 piston, and rotate assembly until the piston is at the highest point of travel. With a high-quality aluminum housing and hardened steel dual bushing construction, it is built to last. The D. Buy a Scott Drake HEI Street/Strip Distributor for your 260, 289 or 302 Small Block Ford Engine from CJ Pony Parts today! Delivering 2x the energy across the spark gap with a 50,000 volt coil, this Scott Drake distributor provides more energy over stock. 500" steel shaft is supported by a sealed ball bearing and a long sintered bushing. Their prices are usually good on everything. 015-. How-to install an LT1 V8 and 4T60-E into a Fiero. Step 1 — Finding TDC on Donovan Engineering Gear Drive. Feb 18, 2011 · Install rotor on distributor shaft ; Position distributor into its original position. This is done by making the angle of the drive gear on the cam and its mating gear opposite when the cam turns the opposite direction. Hardened gear ready for hydraulic cams It also offers true spark alignment for instantaneous response at high RPM FIT ENGINES SUCH AS 305 350 383 400 396 427 454 AND 502 Easy to install and with two flat male terminals on the cap Just connect the following and you are running 1. 99 As the distributor gear moves past the cam gear, the rotor will rotate. As most of you know, the curve is important because in the vast majority of situations, you’ll need to bring in the spark before the piston reaches Top Dead Center. Actual deck height will be . (The supplied O-rings can only be used if the block has been modified as shown in Figure 9. Standard SBC timing chain, timing cover, gear or belt drive can be used. It's a wasted-spark system which fires twice per cycle--once on the compression stroke and once on the exhaust stroke. All are checked for wear and tolerances measured. If the distributor drive gear position hasn't been moved then your new distributor will drop into the slot in the drive gear. The only place it will time correctly is this position. com/search/part-type/distributor How to Install a Distributor MSD Performance Ignition Tutorial 1970 CHEVY NOVA CORRECT DISTRIBUTOR GEAR TO USE FOR  6 Oct 2019 Basic DIY on if you need to change your distributor gear, this is specific to a 1984 Mustang GT but the principal is the same unfortunately the  11 Apr 2016 Chevy distributor gear index. spin the engine over, The distributor is a MSD 85551 standard chevy non-slip collar piece. It reveals the elements of the circuit as streamlined forms, and the power and signal links in between the devices. K. 100” (± . Resources. EDIS is electronic distributor-less ignition system, I seem to remember. The purpose of the gears and the chain is to ensure that the camshaft and the crankshaft rotate in unison. Ideally, the distributor gear should be slightly softer. I thought I would post my results of the install. (De. New Version of EFI 24X SBC conversion install I recently was fortunate enough to be picked to run Mike's new 24x conversion kit that fully eliminates the need for the distributor. Install the large cam gear on the cam hub at this time using two or seven bolts. You'll still need to time the distributor, but you'll be close at this point. BTW, I measured the length of the old cast iron gear and the new steel gear. Align dimple with rotor direction and check for shaft/gear rollpin alignment (spin shaft or gear 180 degrees if dimple and rotor pointer don't align). I built a new short block, same heards and intake, but now the distributor won't drop in all the way. A stock cast irongear is not compatible  If you have the distributor cap off, turn the gear and notice the rotor turns as well. A-Team Performance SBC BBC EFI TBI Distributor and Spark Plug Wires Compatible With GMC CHEVY 1987-1997 5. Marine!Engines!4!Less! 3666NE!25th!Street! Ocala,!Florida!34470!! 888?364?4537! info@marineengines4less. When you're looking for a new Ford F100 distributor for your pick-up, make AutoZone your destination. If you feel the air being pushed out, you are on the top of the compression stroke. The terminal that the rotor is pointing too will be the new number one cylinder. This will allow the Crane Cams has developed a series of steel distributor gears that are compatible with standard cast cams and induction hardened and carburized steel roller cams. It features fully adjustable mechanical and vacuum advances, meaning precision is a breeze. 00 more than the best online price,with no tax. It looks identical to the standard internal coil Joe Hunt Magneto. The holes where the screws secure the cap to the distributor or the clips attach must align. Apr 13, 2009 · I suppose you could be "one tooth off" if there isn't enough reach in the spark plug wires or in the harness to the PIP in the distributor, but that's a different situation. Timing chain set and camshaft must be removed. now,after installing a timing chain and gears,after turning the engine at least 2 turns to verify a Jan 01, 2002 · Relatively harder Chevy hydraulic rollers use a standard iron distributor gear, but at the expense of shortened gear life. gear drive installation instructions chevy v6 small block (20315, 20316) (with factory roller cam) standard warranty policy chevy big block gen vi (20325, 20326) due to the intended use of performance applications, jeg’s warranties this product for 90 days from the date of purchase. Milodon's professionally proven "Fixed Idler Gear" system is capable of maintaining the precise cam timing required to allow the cam to work to its maximum potential power. You may remove your distributor completely from the engine to align the rotor by hand if its 180 degrees away from the post you will be using for cylinder 1. MSD engineers have built test fixtures and spent hundreds of hours testing and evaluating the metallurgy of these gears 02-06-12 12:24 PM - Post# 2187820 In response to dc_motruck the dots should be - crankshaft at 12 oclock and camshaft at 6 oclock. 000" which seems too even to be coincidental. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. We recommend incorporating a drive gear oiler as shown in the picture above. Make sure it is fully engaged with the oil pump driveshaft. please refer to the cam manufacture for the cam specs and procedure**** 1. I have SBC, 383 with a victor junior intake. 020 - not sure where I got that or when I first started doing it, just always have as long as I can remember. In this guide, we will cover the steps required to remove, replace and retime the ignition distributor. Once that is done, place the distributor into the engine hole and gently lower it until the shaft engages the camshaft gear. Start all the cover I have a question/concern regarding the Street Fire #8362 HEI distributor I installed in my SBC. Don't worry, if the thing really fought you coming out, and you couldn't make that mark, you can get by without it. As stated, the distributor rotor should be pointing to the number 1 terminal on the cap which on a small block is "approx" 6 oclock as you face the firewall. You may need to crank the engine 2 full turns to allow the distributor gear to engage the oil pump drive shaft located below the bottom of the distributor. Im glad the gear seems ok. CNC machined from 6061-76 billet aluminum, this distributor features ball bearings and sintered steel bushing shaft supports for long lasting performance. But thats not the part # for out vortec distributors. The nose of the hydraulic roller “08” is necked down to accommodate the cam retention plate. Performance Distributors is leading the way in performance and racing ignition system innovation. We have a beveled gear at the end of the distributor shaft that meshes with the camshaft gear. Advancing the cam increases torque and cuts horsepower while retarding the cam increases horsepower and cuts torque. When you install the new part, when the gear begins to mesh it won’t line up with the mark in the base. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1: Remove roll pin  *Use this tooling to MONITOR distributor gear wear between races* 2 - Install Dial Indicator mount plate onto distributor housing 295-1516 - GM HEI $195. Mar 20, 2014 · Here is the patient, a bone-stock Delco single point distributor. )Thanks guys. 500” shaft will need to be purchased and installed. The dimple has two functions. (gasket not required on Oldsmobile and Ford applications). This way the shaft will lineup, as it will when the Kit, BBC, Drag Race with crank-driven water pump, 2. It’s about 7 or 8 inches down inside the hole. The unit is functioning, although I have a couple concerns. SBC CHEVY 283 350 HEI Distributor + RED 8mm SPARK PLUG WIRES UNDER THE EXHAUST (HEI001R SBC2RD 170072) a chrome moly gear. They're less prone to wear, and feature better timing accuracy and higher strength than any other 10456413 - Distributor HEI Gear, large cap. 10″ Six Lug Dual Anti Ballooning Plate, Steel Stator Nitrous Torque Converter for this Engine Your Car, Tire, Weight, Gear Application + $1495. Crane Cams now makes it possible to use a steel distributor gear that provides OEM-style life-span, eliminating the need to frequently replace bronze alloy gears. -Davis Unified Ignition is the flagship product, and is ran on vehicles worldwide. That is the whole reason behind it. collar dist if you had your block decked and or heads milled. http://www. Ignition Timing for Modified Engines An often neglected but important area when tuning an engine is the ignition system. In order to avoid mistakes, mark the distributor on the following components in order to ensure the same mounting position upon reassembly. ” Explaining why selecting the proper distributor gear is ultimately an important choice, Knight said, “Once the gear on either a steel cam or a This HEI distributor for S/B and B/B Chevy non-computer controlled engines features: 4-pin ignition module rated to 7500 rpm Premium cap with brass terminals Shaft Diameter: 1. The 400 main blocks have a hole . Once you locate the slot on the gear, use the screwdriver to turn the gear. This distributor assembly produces a 1x camshaft position signal that is compatible with Gen III LS-series electronics. Most Delco points distributors from 1957 to 1974 are the same internally. you have to look at the fact that some current SBC engines use a plastic distributor, so clearly not a major wear area. The drive gear installed on this distributor is melonized and therefore compatible with   15 Nov 2012 Another method of checking for proper installation is by applying machinists dye to the distributor gear. This composite gear is compatible with any camshaft, unlike a cast or bronze gear. 5 out of 5 stars 10 product ratings 10 product ratings - Chevy SBC 350 BBC 454 HEI Distributor & Spark Plug Wires Ignition Combo Kit GM08 DISTRIBUTOR DRIVE GEAR ALIGNMENT - IG-103. Distributor Drive Gear: Currently installed is a melonzied distributor gear. Second, the reason for the balancing and dimple, to adjust for the rotor firing bar weight on the distributor rotor. First, the dimple is a balancing hole to balance the gear in its rotation. Remove distributor assembly from engine and place lower part of housing in vise, clamping securely. Early stock SBC 2 hole oil filter adaptor is required. Measure the endplay, subtract what you WANT, that's what you need to add in shims, so you really take off the gear once, install the shims, install the gear. I have a 92 k1500 with the 5. Your order  Allows precise adjustment of distributor shaft end play to improve timing accuracy and reduce gear wear Works with Moroso, GM, Accel, Chrysler and other  When the gear is properly aligned, most anyone can install the plug wires correctly on the first pass. Wires must be installed in the correct locations. As the gear on the distributor shaft engages the gear on the camshaft, it slides down the gear teeth and the rotor turns. Install the gasket and apply a liberal amount of lubricant to the distributor gear. This article originally appeared in Skinned Knuckles, a magazine dedicated to the authentic restoration of cars and trucks and to the preservation of vehicles from the brass era through the early 1970s. Features include high-performance Accel electronics, centerless ground shaft and high-dielectric strength cap with balanced rotor for higher RPM efficiency than stock units Matching camshaft and distributor gears is one of the most critical,yet often overlooked step in engine assembly. These distributors have gears retained by a staked mild steel pin (staking is peening the and other GM bowl type distributors, the gears are not marked as to how they Using the rotor tip as a reference, the gear can install either straight on,  When you are done, reconnect the battery, installing the positive lead first. I have used the intake and distributor on a different motor with no problems. Joined Jan 11, 2006 · 6,697 Posts . Distributor gears are available in four different materials: composite (light, durable, and soft), bronze (for use with billet steel cams), cast iron (for use with cast iron, flat tappet cams), and melonized or hardened steel (the hardest material, used for OEM replacements). Most older models of vehicles contain a mechanical distributor, while more recent models almost always have When installing a Chevy 5. Step 8: Install new distributor cap: Depending on the type of distributor cap you have, it can only be installed one or two potential ways. Hold the distributor body in the orientation show in figure 1 relative to the engine/block and drop the distributor straight down into the block. 001" longer. When rebuilding a distributor, I start by completely disassembling the distributor including removing the bushings. Drop it down again. Doing one or both changes the intake angle and height and can make the dist gear sit up to high and not mesh and send metal from the dist gear being chewed up through your motor, and will cause the oil pump shaft to not fully engage into dist shaft. 600" lift. Bronze Distributor Gear Install - Complete. I suspect the distributor drive gear is worn, and even if its not it isn't going to hurt anything to replace it because its the original OEM drive gear and the engine has 233k miles on it. When the distributor is fully seated make sure that the rotor is aimed at the same fixed point as was the rotor from the old distributor. I always figured . For high rpm stability, a . MARK THE SPARK PLUG WIRES and remove the distributor cap. 491" Shaft size for use on old style HEI distributors with coil in cap. So if you want the convenience of a solid state electronic ignition system and still use your original stock distributor, this is the answer. Also we only drill one hole in our composite gear so the owner must drill the second hole for the pin to go through. Everyday Performance LLC uses a Sun Distributor Machine #504 to fully diagnose and tune your distributor. To align it back where it was (or to a specific spot), one needs to first determine how much it’ll turn and back the rotor up by that much when installing. Whether your distributor needs complete servicing or just a checkup and recurve, it will return to you ready to run. However, most of these kits are made for earlier versions of the SBC, or pre-LT1 versions. Install the distributor cap and transfer the plug wires. You will need to set a camshaft end play by using shim washers (similar to setting crankshaft end play). A distributor may need to be removed from an engine as part of a repair procedure or require replacement due to a mechanical problem such as a worn distributor gear or broken distributor shaft. ATTENTION: Please see the "Compatibility" link at the top of the listing. This makes the thrust of the gears in the opposite direction. I did change the distributor gear to a bronze gear and of course the oil pump and shaft is new. Put your distributor in at this point where the rotor is pointing at the cylinder #1 terminal on the distributor. Loosen the distributor hold-down clamp, slide the clamp out of the way and lift the distributor out of the engine. Disconnect the wiring from the distributor. Mar 14, 2007 · When its at the correct position you will have the crank gear mark at 12:00 O-clock, and the cam gear at 6:00 O-clock. Install a degree wheel on the crankshaft and a pointer on the block. "NOTE: The distributor comes with a hardened steel distributor gear that should be compatible with most hydraulic roller camshafts. This shaft also receives a QPQ coating for friction reduction and resistance to corrosion. Distributors for the 331-354-392 HEMI engines have been a big hit. ) 8. If you’re good, you 251000-0002 sbc gear drive 1/2 cam hub 251000-0003 sbc gear drive 5/8 cam hub ****due to manufacturing tolerances of the cam, crank and gear drive, rcd recommends the cam be degreed for optimum performance. Install the distributor making sure that the rotor comes to rest pointing at the fixed mark. If the engine is new or will sit a while before it is fired, coat the distributor gear with a moly paste or camshaft break-in lube. CHECKING GEAR MESH It is recommended to check for proper gear mesh between the cam gear and distributor gear. But like the poster above, I leave the o-ring off the bottom collar and use a triangular needle file to shape a . If this is not done, you may experience oil pump and/or distributor gear problems. These 100% new Accel HEI distributors are the perfect choice for your performance street machine. You are either right on or 180 degrees off on a small block Mopar. Since the two gears mesh in a rotational manner, you need to guess where to position the rotor's shaft as you lower the distributor so that it will rotate into the correct position when the unit is in place. Install the new distributor. Place the distributor cap in position and check to see that the rotor lines up with the terminal #1 spark plug wire. I tried to install it and it engages the cam gear but never lines up/"drops in" the oil pump shaft. May 29, 2015 · In addition to putting in a higher capacity oil pan, there are other ways to get more oil to the distributor gear as well. This will direct pressurized oil at the cam and distributor gear. the distributor gear. The way the teeth of the cam gear and distributor gear are spiraled the cam gear tries to pull down on the distributor shaft forcing it towards the block. 030" then slide the slip collar down into position and tighten it. The Ford gears, though, are pretty tricky to install since theyre both Find COMP Cams Melonized Distributor Gears 435M and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! COMP Cams melonized distributor gears are designed to provide universal compatibility for any steel, cast iron, or ductile iron camshaft—but without the wear concerns of bronze options. There will be a long list of people who have a problem with misalignment of the distributor drive gear, whether they did it themselves of inherited it from the DPO. The new gear was . 7 and TDC Compression Stroke - Duration: 37:48. Remove cap and rotor from cam assembly. Re: SBC hydraulic roller retrofit? August 4th, 2012, 01:04 PM As many bum cam lobes I've seen and heard about on flat lifter cams it surprises me that I've yet to have a problem with the solid lifter stick in my Chevelle with just shy of . The author of this article assumes no responsibility for any damages. 99 $ 57 . This is a hardened gear. Notes on wiring for an "HEI" distributor with the coil in the cap; If you are converting from a points type distributor, you have to make sure that the "resistance" power If a new distributor gear is installed, it is highly recommended to also install a new camshaft mounted, distributor drive gear. The “07” is an LT1/LT4 shaft which has a longer dowel pin and a center hole for the distributor. Replacement for carbureted Ford distributors with 0. sbc distributor gear install

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